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our approach to sustainablity


Sustainability to us is about all the little things we can do so our business does less harm to the world we all share.

  • We recycle all discarded contact lenses and packaging waste and encourage our patients to do the same. Patients can do this by either bringing in to us or recycling from home, Details above.

  • Any old and unused glasses can be dropped off to us and they will be sent to Vision Aid Overseas where they will be used to improve the visual welfare and eye health of somebody that needs them.

  • All waste generated in the practice that can be recycled, such as cardboard and plastics, is recycled.

  • Staff use public transport whenever possible, and you will often  our optometrists cycling to work.

  • Staff are also encouraged to use reusable water bottles throughout the day.

  • We do not use plastic bags. If patients need something to carry their glasses home in, we encourage them to bring a reusable option.

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