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private and nhs sight tests

We set aside 30 minutes for each appointment to ensure we have enough time to discuss your needs and concerns and carry out a thorough eye examination.

During your eye examination we will assess your vision and eye muscle balance and determine whether or not you need glasses. 

We will thoroughly examine the outer part of the eye and the retina, macula and optic nerve at the back of the eye.


Routine eye examinations are not only important in checking your vision and the health of the eyes, but can also give us warning signs as to any other problems within the body such as high blood pressure and diabetes. If any issues are found we can advise accordingly and, if required, refer you on to the correct pathway.

Most people should have a routine sight test once every 2 years. Some groups, such as children, diabetics and people with a family history or glaucoma, may need to be seen more frequently.

For more information regarding who is entitled to a free NHS sight test click here.

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