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Dry eye is one of the most prevalent eye conditions among adults. Most people who experience symptoms of dry eye fail to even mention it when they have a sight test as they think eye discomfort is a normal part of life. It is only when the cause of dry eye is treated, that many realise how uncomfortable it can be.

Symptoms of dry eye include:

Itching or burning sensation

Gritty eyes

Red eyes

Excessive watering

Blurred or intermittent vision

Feeling like there is a 'film' over the eyes

Sticky eyelids on waking

Our optometrists can recognise the signs and symptoms of dry eye and identify the root cause. We can then advise the correct treatment regime for you to manage this condition. We also stock eyecare products to relieve symptoms.

A specialist Dry Eye Assessment is available for a private fee, but comes free of charge for those who join our Eyecare Membership.

Click for Dry Eye information leaflet

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