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Child myopia, (otherwise known as short-sightedness) is on the rise. This, if left undetected, can not only cause problems with learning, but can also make children much more likely to develop sight threatening eye conditions as they get older.

Recent studies have proven that, with the right, personalised intervention, the progression of myopia can be significantly slowed down and in some cases even halted.

Children are much more likely to become myopic if  it is in the family, or if they spend too much time on a screen and not enough time outdoors.

We are now proud to be suppliers of the HOYA MiYOSMART spectacle lens - a specialist lens that is proven to slow the progression of myopia in children.

Our optometrists can also use specialist progressive soft contact lenses to manage the progression of myopia. We can even fit these contact lenses to young children.

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