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The EHEW is a free eye examination available to anyone resident in Wales who is suffering from an eye emergency. This may include red eyesudden loss of vision or eye pain.

There are also other groups who qualify for an EHEW. You may be entitled if:

You have an eye problem that needs urgent attention

You have sight in one eye only

You are registered as sight impaired

You have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf

You suffer from retinitis pigmentosa.

You are of Black or Asian ethnicity

Your GP has referred you because they think you may have an eye problem

All of our optometrists are qualified to perform an EHEW, and this can be done within  24 hours of you getting in touch.

We may need to use drops to dilate your pupils st the EHEW appointment. This can leave your vision slightly blurry for a few hours, so it's best not to drive.

For more information on the Eye Health Examination Wales click here.

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